President Biden faces pressure to drop out of 2024 campaign after ABC interview

ABC’s George Stephanopoulos warned President Biden not to “play the crowd” with former President Trump, pointing to his rallies when asked about Biden’s plan to turn around his presidential campaign.

Here is the transcript:

George Stephanopoulos: What is your plan to turn the campaign around?

PRESIDENT JOE BITON: You saw it today. How many people – how many people pull the crowd like I did today? Feeling more excited than me today? yes

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: I mean, have to– you don’t want to play the crowd. Donald Trump can draw big crowds. No question about it.

President Joe Biden: He Can Draw a Big Crowd, But What Does He Say? Who – who to him? I’m the guy who’s supposed to be in trouble. After this we raised $38 million in four days. Over– we have over a million individual contributors, individual contributors. That’s– less than 200 rupees. We have – I mean, I don’t see what you’re doing – you’re proposing.

George Stephanopoulos: Didn’t you see the drop in the polls? Have you not seen the statements of displeasure from the Democrats, the House Democrats, the Senate Democrats?

PRESIDENT JOE BITON: I saw it in the press.

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: You know, I’ve heard from dozens of your supporters over the last few days, and I’m giving you a variety of perspectives. But this is the prevailing feeling. They love you and will be forever grateful to you for defeating Donald Trump in 2020.

They think you’ve done a great job as president, with the many successes you’ve outlined. But they care about you and the country. And they don’t think you can win. They want you to go with grace, and they’ll cheer you on if you do. What do you say to that?

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PRESIDENT JOE BITON: I’m saying the majority isn’t there– those folks are. I have no doubt there are some out there. Have you ever seen a group of– ta– time elected officials run for office? Have you ever seen it? Not me. The same thing happened in 2020. “Oh, Biden, I don’t know. Man, what’s he going to do? He might take me down, he might . . .”

George Stephanopoulos: Mr. President, I’ve never seen a president get re-elected with 36% approval.

PRESIDENT JOE BITON: Well, I don’t believe it’s my approval rating. Our polls don’t.

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: If you stay and Trump is elected, and everything you’re warning about comes to pass, how will you feel in January?

PRESIDENT BIDEN: I’ll feel as long as I give it my all and do the best job I can, and that’s what it’s all about. Look, George. Think of it this way. You’ve heard me say this before. I think America and the world are at an inflection point when what happens in the next few years will determine what the next six, seven decades will look like.

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