What if it's cloudy during the eclipse?

Monday, April 8, will be like many other Mondays in early to mid-spring.

Cloudiness and rain or, sky-barring, snow, this could make a once-in-a-lifetime total solar eclipse a bigger bust than Y2K.

Can you still enjoy the eclipse?

Yes, the experience will be much smaller than a solar eclipse on a clear day, said Anne Pellerin, associate professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at SUNY Geneseo.

The eclipse has been on Pellerin's to-do radar since 2017, when many of Pellerin's colleagues headed south to see the totality of the eclipse.

“They were very excited,” Pellerin said. “I can't wait to feel that excitement myself.”

Clouds, rain, snow, or a clear, sunny day; Debbie Ferrell said the eclipse will be worth enjoying regardless. Solar Eclipse 2024 Geneva Task Force.

If there are clouds, the sky will be even darker. The temperature will drop further. Wind direction changes. Birds will fly back to their nests, crickets will chirp, and all the nocturnal animals will start coming out, for a total of about two minutes, Ferrell said.

“Everybody says it's this eerie feeling, this existential moment, that even though it's cloudy you can't really see the eclipse,” Ferrell said.

It should be noted that the Geneva Task Force has planned several eclipse-related activities in the Ontario County city, including the day of the event, under the theme “Embrace the Night.” The Finger Lakes Visitors Association lists events, eclipse factors, and other cool stuff on its website. https://www.visitfingerlakes.com/eclipse-2024/And a message to residents and visitors regardless of the day's weather.

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“If it's cloudy that's what we tell people,” said Jessica Vandemar, marketing manager for Ontario County's tourism agency. “We're still going to 'embrace the darkness'.”

After totality — when the moon blocks the sun, as a whole — more normal light conditions return very quickly, Pellerin said.

“That's it, that's it,” said Bellerin. “But if it's cloudy, it's even more fun to watch the sky fade throughout the day. However, it becomes more of a curiosity than an exciting experience.

What will we do if the eclipse disappears?

What will all the people who have traveled from outside the Path of Perfection do when they are here?

Ontario County Executive Chris Diebold, one of the county officials who spent months planning for the eclipse and all sorts of contingencies, is banking on this: People who have already booked to stay in the area will come even if it's cloudy.

Many events take place as planned in many communities. Many visitors flock to hang out at Finger Lakes wineries, such as Heron Hill Winery, which produces reds, whites and rosés under the Eclipse wine label.

Mentioning all the things to do in the Finger Lakes, Heron Hill winemaker and chief operating officer Jordan Harris recommends hitting a few wineries and breweries, rain, view or shine. Go out to eat. Visit museums.

Drink more wine.

“What else are you going to do?” Haris said. “There's no reason for clouds to attack anyone.”

What does history say about April weather?

Of course, it's difficult to predict the weather ahead of an eclipse.

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The National Weather Service in Buffalo has some historical data on its website, noting that early April is historically cloudy in the eastern Great Lakes at this time. He said there may be more sunny days.

A colorful Initial forecast map on website, However, it shows grey, i.e. clouds. (PS If it's cloudy and gray, don't share it with New York Post writer Maureen Callahan, who many Rochesterians will never forget when she described the city as “grim and depressing.”)

This cloudy weather means some hope that at least some views of the sun are still available through the high, wispy clouds.

Stay tuned as the eclipse day approaches.

Don't worry; Eclipse will be happy

James Porter, a veteran Rush resident who designed and built NASA's space shuttle, offers positive thinking. Maybe, just maybe, the clouds will stay away.

“Right now, the forecast for April 8th is for clear skies, so we could still see this event,” said Porter, who emailed the comment last week.

So, in the interest of science, find a leftover four-leaf clover on St. Patrick's Day and cross your fingers and tap the tree.

“We're praying hopefully for a clear day,” Ferrell said.

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