Tommy Murphy's exit appears to open the door for NJ Rep. Andy Kim to win the Democratic nomination for US Senate.

Union County, NJ — New Jersey First Lady Tammy Murphy His US Senate campaign was suspended.

Political analysts say the move clears the way for South Jersey Congressman Andy Kim to secure the Democratic nomination.

“After several busy, inspiring and, yes, challenging months, I am suspending my Senate campaign today,” Murphy said Sunday.

He chose platform X, formerly known as Twitter, to announce in June that he was choosing not to seek the nomination.

“It's clear to me that continuing in this race would be a very divisive and negative campaign, and I don't want to do that,” Murphy said.

The move comes a week after CBS met with Kim in New York federal court. He He was asking a judge to eliminate New Jersey's county-line ballot systemThe first lady was given priority because her husband was the governor.

“Many of these county chairs never returned my phone calls and never gave me a chance. So there was definitely injustice in that system right out of the gate,” Kim said.

On Sunday, Kim told reporters by phone, “This campaign, we've been through a lot so far, and there's still a lot to go.”

Peter Woolley, a political science professor at Fairleigh Dickinson University, said Murphy faced an uphill battle in his school's poll.

“I doubt she and those around her would have come to that conclusion [the public] It's going to backfire on her and Gov. Bill Murphy,” Woolley said.

Union organizer Patricia Campos Medina is also running as a Democrat, while incumbent Robert Menendez faces corruption charges. The senator last week vowed to keep fighting.

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“I hope to be released this summer and allow me to continue as an independent Democratic candidate in the general election,” Menendez said.

Businessman Curtis Bashaw and Mentham Mayor Christine Serrano-Glassner are seeking the Republican nomination.

“The price of gasoline, the price of groceries, it's really crippling people, and it's making life very difficult, so I'm working 100% with President Trump to make sure that Republicans vote up and down the ballot,” Serrano-Glassner said.

As for Tommy Murphy, insiders told CBS New York that even if his campaign was partially self-funded, it would have been expensive.

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