The Willy Wonka phenomenon turns into a video game parody gold mine

Screenshot: Nintendo / @Haztecamarera on X

If you somehow haven't heard of Infamous “Willy's Chocolate Experience” event It was held in Glasgow on February 24 and was canceled a day later, and the whole story was wild. The children's event (tickets cost £35, roughly $44 USD) advertised as “a place where chocolate dreams come true” in a low-budget, sparsely decorated warehouse. Images provided by AI It was used to advertise. The The police were called Because the event was a disaster, but outsiders could drown in the glow of this dumpster fire. As Willy's chocolate experience has gone viral, people have taken to recreating the event in video games—and even big brands are getting in on the trend.

A particular shot of a legitimately different Oompa Loompa has gone viral and become the basis of many memes surrounding the event. The photo shows him standing in a scientific-looking station, not looking thrilled, with smoke billowing in the background. In an interview Variety, the actor, named Kirsty Patterson, said the whole thing was “fun” but “embarrassing” her acting career. But the film has become synonymous with flop and has been recreated in many games by fans and video game companies. Click to see them all.

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