The fear and tension that led to Sam Altman’s ouster at OpenAI

“I’m sure you’re all feeling confused, sad, and some scared,” OpenAI chief operating officer Brad Lightcap said in a note to OpenAI staff. “We are fully focused on dealing with this, pushing towards resolution and clarity, and getting back to work.”

On Friday, Mr. Altman was asked to join the board meeting via video at noon in San Francisco. There, 37-year-old Mr. Sutzkever read a script that resembled a blog post the company published minutes later, a person familiar with the matter said. Mr. Altman “has been consistently dishonest in his communications with the board, impeding its ability to carry out its responsibilities,” the post said.

But over the next few hours, OpenAI staff and others called Mr. Altman focuses not only on what might have been done, but on the way the San Francisco start-up was structured and the radical views on AI’s risks embedded in the company’s work. It was created in 2015.

For comment on Saturday, Mr. Sutzkever and Mr. Altman could not be reached.

In recent weeks, Jakub Paczocki, who helped oversee GPT-4, the technology at the heart of ChatGPT, was promoted to director of research at the company. Previously Mr. After holding a post below Satskever, he became Mr. was promoted to a position with Chutzkever, two people familiar with the matter said.

Mr. Bachokhi left the company late on Friday, Mr. After Brockman, people said. Earlier, Mr. It said Brockman has been fired and will report to new interim chief executive Mira Murati. Mr. Altman’s other partners — including two senior researchers, Simon Sidor and Alexander Madry — have left the company.

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