The election in the Pittsburgh area will determine the balance in the Pennsylvania House

Pennsylvania is an important swing state that plays an important role in presidential elections, as well as determining which party holds power in the US Congress. Aside from legislation in Pennsylvania, whichever party prevails in the state could make a big difference in Washington.

It is one of two states, along with Virginia Legislative chambers are divided along party lines.

In Harrisburg, Democrats have controlled the governor’s office since 2015, and Governor Josh Shapiro won his first term decisively in November 2022. Republicans, on the other hand, have held a strong hold on the Senate for decades.

Democrats won a majority in the House in 2022 for the first time in 12 years and by a narrow margin — and it only took Ms Innamorato’s resignation to make it more divisive.

In May, Democrat Heather Boyd won a closely watched special election in southeastern Delaware County, a suburb of Philadelphia. Top Democrats, including President Biden and Governor Shapiro, have framed the race as critical to protecting reproductive rights in Pennsylvania.

But that same day, in a separate special election, Republicans retained a state House seat in north-central Pennsylvania with the victory of school board member and firefighter Michael Stender.

going in Third special election On Tuesday, this year’s Democratic nominee, Ms. Powell, 32, who works in workforce development, was considered solid. likedWith a significant fundraising advantage.

She was meant to be First African American woman In 2022 to represent the district, which Ms. Innamorato captured with 63 percent of the vote.

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Republican officials acknowledged that winning the heavily Democratic district would be difficult. However, the 65-year-old Ms. Audenrith was active on the campaign trail.

Ms. Even with Powell’s victory, voters in Pennsylvania may soon face Another special election with large stakes.

If state Rep. John Galloway, a Democrat who represents Philadelphia’s northeast district, wins the race for district judge in November, as expected, the chamber will again be divided until another contest is held to fill his seat.

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