‘SNL’ Host Kate McKinnon Revisits ‘Whiskers Are We’ Character With Billie Eilish – Deadline

Kate McKinnon ran for 11 years Saturday Night Live And created several memorable characters during his time on the NBC sketch show.

as Barbie The actor returns to the late-night show for the first time as host, and it’s no surprise that he’ll be reprising one of his recurring roles.

On Saturday’s episode, McKinnon reprized her role in Barbara DeTrew’s ongoing sketch “Whiskers Are We,” which always features a guest host as co-host. In this case, since McKinnon was the host for the week, she enlisted the help of musical guest Billie Eilish to appear in the sketch, playing the role of Pau-pre Hepburn.

The recurring sketch contains a lot of puns, and the episode focuses on showing cats available for adoption among the “holiday cat-tacular.” As the sketch continues, several sexual innuendos are thrown between the two co-hosts.

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What makes this sketch even more hilarious is how unpredictable the cats can be and how they can throw the co-hosts off their game, causing them to break down on live television.

Check out the full “Whiskers Are We” sketch in the video posted above.

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