Seinfeld's Crazy Joe Davola Is 71 – Deadline

Peter Crombie was a popular recurring character as “Crazy” Joe Davola. SeinfeldHe died on Wednesday at the age of 71. Details of the death have not been released, but apparently he had a minor illness.

Crombie's unpredictable Tavola appeared in five episodes in Season 4, including following Jerry and at one point dating Elaine. The character is named after Joe Davola, a TV producer who worked with Dolin/Robbins Productions and has dozens of credits.

The actor had 35 credits including movies My Dog Skip, Natural Born Killers, The Blob, Se7en, Rising Sun, And Born on the Fourth of July.

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Peter Crombie's “Crazy” Joe Davola attacks Jerry in the 1993 'Seinfeld' episode “The Pilot”.
(Everett Collection

His TV resume also includes TV miniseries Frankenstein's House, NYPD Blue, Walker, Texas Ranger, Diagnosing Murder, Law & Order, Perfect Strangers, Spencer: For Rent, LA Law, LA Firefighters” and many others.

No details of survivors or memorial plans were immediately available.

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