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Filipinas are a breed of strong women who are determined to carve their own path in the world and make a lasting, positive impact. Three of them who have chosen to lead meaningful lives through their extraordinary deeds recently got together to tell their inspiring stories.


One is former actress Nanette Medved-Po who was famously known for breathing life into Darna, which ultimately inspired her to pursue a bigger dream–--building classrooms across the Philippines with the sales from the bottled water company, “Hope in a Bottle,” which she leads. The CEO of Generation HOPE is a living proof that anyone can be a real-life superhero.

When asked about how she makes the most of her time, Nanette shared this stirring insight:

“Everyone has a unique space in the world where they have an opportunity to do something good. Find what you are passionate about and just tell yourself that you’re not going to be a waste of space.”


The other is Filipino-Chinese Rachel Renucci-Tan, CEO of ChenYi Agventures. Rachel used to live a glamorous life in Europe, but decided to return to the Philippines to help Filipino farmers get back on their feet, after she saw the devastation caused by typhoon Yolanda. Through her company, she is not only able to help bring income to families affected by typhoon but also promote the country’s rice as one of the best in the world.

For Rachel, the key to writing the best story of your life is to listen to your heart:

“You cannot let other people dictate your narrative. It has to come from the murmurings of your own heart, your own soul, and your own mind. Have the courage to reinvent yourself, no matter how many times it takes, to be the best person that you can be.”


There’s also Mayor Abby Binay who serves as the leader of one of the country’s richest cities. Coming from a family of politicians, Abby proved that a woman can challenge the status quo and develop her own brand of leadership.

She said, “I think now they appreciate that the mayor is a woman because I am very motherly. Most of my projects are targeted towards making the lives of families easier.”

She added, “I prefer that people say ah si Mayor Abby she’s strict, she’s straight. That means I follow the rules, I am very transparent. I want to remembered to be a very fair leader.”

Nanette, Rachel, and Mayor Abby were the featured speakers in the recent ANCx Her Story event held at the Salon de Ning of the Peninsula Manila Hotel and hosted by Karen Davila, which were attended by some of the country’s most influential people in business, social enterprise, and governance. Highlights from the talk will be featured in “Think Possible Lightbulb Sessions” interstitials to be aired on ANC.

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