Mike McCarthy survived as Cowboys head coach

Mike McCarthy's last three regular seasons with the Dallas Cowboys all ended with a 12-5 record. It's interesting. The Cowboys' last three postseason trips ended the same way, bowing out before the conference championship game. It's not interesting.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones announced Wednesday that McCarthy will still have a shot for the 2024 season. ESPN's Adam Schefter Jones first reported the news before his confirmation.

The Cowboys' shocking 48-32 loss to the Green Bay Packers in the wild-card round did not cost McCarthy his head coaching job in Dallas, as he enters his fifth season in the position. McCarthy is 42-25 as Cowboys head coach.

The Cowboys won 12 games, finishing 2nd in the NFC East and the NFC, though those accomplishments led to another first-round playoff exit, which was not good enough in the eyes of many Cowboys fans. But the only pair of eyes that ultimately mattered belonged to Jones, who doubled for his Cowboys — along with McCarthy.

Jones said in a statement:

“The lens we use to view Coach McCarthy is absolute. While we are all disappointed with Sunday's result and our playoff record, I support him 100 percent as our head coach and his ability to achieve our goals.”

Jones has a reputation as an impatient team owner, but he hasn't lived up to it over the years. He stuck with Jason Garrett more than most Cowboys fans. He does the same with McCarthy. Before Garrett was fired after the 2019 season, the last coach Jones fired was Wade Phillips during the 2010 season.

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Jones shows patience after loss against Packers. Dallas came in as the favorite and trailed 27-0 at the end of the second quarter. It was a shocking loss, which Jones called “mine.” [biggest] Surprises because I was involved in the game.” He said after the game that he wasn't thinking about McCarthy's future, but that he was the only one looking at the loss and not thinking about what came next.

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Every time the Cowboys lose a playoff game, their fans want the coach fired. But this loss felt different. Dallas wasn't ready. The Cowboys were completely flat at home, going 8-0 during the regular season. All playoff losses are disappointing, but this one was a major setback.

The Cowboys have not advanced past the divisional round of the playoffs since the 1995 season. Still sticking with Jones McCarthy.

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