Justin Timberlake’s DWI Arrest Cop Identified as ‘Too Aggressive’ Rookie

A young policeman has been identified after he allegedly pulled over pop star Justin Timberlake for drunk driving earlier this week.

Officer Michael Arkinson, 23, of Sag Harbor, NY, according to the inmate report. Received by Daily Mail Saturday.

A Long Island, NY, native — who had previously been pulled over by a Gen Z cop — described him to the store as a “very aggressive” rookie.

“I think Justin Timberlake was a victim of over-aggressive Zac Harbor police,” said the person, identified only as Spencer in the story.

Michael Arkinson, who arrested Justin Timberlake in New York on Tuesday, has an unsavory reputation, according to the Daily Mail. Ruhawks
One resident called the 23-year-old officer “too aggressive.” instagram/mike_arkinson

Spencer said Arkinson, who is said to be turning 24 this month, stopped him for making a U-turn when no one was there – but eventually let him go with a warning.

“It’s not the season, nobody’s around,” the driver added. “It was a publicity stunt. I felt like he dragged me in to do it.

Spencer, who said she was on speaker at the time, contacted Orkinson again for talking on her cell phone.

“I thought he was going to give me a break, and I drove 25 mph to get to the Y in East Hampton,” Spencer said. A disgruntled New Yorker said he received a $145 ticket.

Arkinson arrested Timberlake for driving under the influence. Sag Harbor PD/MEGA
According to an eyewitness, the 43-year-old Grammy winner had no idea who he was. Mega

Locals in Long Island’s ritzy Hamptons neighborhood nicknamed Arkinson the “Sac Harbor Nazi” and “Little Red-Headed Tips-T.”

A native of that borough, Arkinson attended South Hampton High School before playing. Lacrosse at Roger Williams University.

After graduating from the police academy in 2022, he was reportedly promoted to full-time Sag Harbor officer this March.

Page Six reached out to Akinson and his police department for comment, but did not immediately hear back. A representative for Timberlake declined to comment.

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Timberlake expressed concern that his DWI arrest would “ruin” his current world tour. Doug Kuntz
According to the Page Six source, Arkinson asked him, “What tour?” he asked. Doug Kuntz

Earlier this week, we reported that Arkinson doesn’t know who the 43-year-old Grammy winner is.

“Justin said under his breath, ‘This is going to ruin the tour,'” a source told Us on Tuesday. “The guard replied, ‘What tour?’ Justin said ‘world tour’.

Timberlake was pulled over and booked by the Sag Harbor Police Department just after midnight Tuesday for allegedly running a stop sign.

He was charged with driving while intoxicated and ticketed for disregarding a stop sign and failure to maintain right of way.

The “Mirrors” singer left court Tuesday morning wearing sunglasses and a black baseball cap.

Timberlake returned to the stage Friday night in Chicago for his Fangette Tomorrow World Tour. Getty Images for Live Nation
He told the crowd it had been a “difficult week”. Getty Images for Live Nation

Despite concerns about his tour being interrupted by his arrest, the *NSYNC member returned to the stage following his DWI arrest in Chicago on Friday night.

The “SexyBack” singer briefly mentioned her arrest during the show, telling a crowd of cheering fans, “It’s been a tough week.”

He concluded, “I know it’s hard to love sometimes, but you love me back.”

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