July 7: Biden defies calls to withdraw from presidential race

A radio host who interviewed Biden after a debate revealing the campaign sent his questions ahead of time

Radio host Andrea LaFuel-Sanders, who interviewed President Biden on Wednesday, revealed during a debate on CNN that the president’s team had given him a list of questions to approve before the interview.

CNN anchor Victor Blackwell said he listened to both interviews on Saturday and said both had “basically the same questions.” Biden spoke to Sanders, who hosts “The Source” on WURD in Philadelphia, and Earl Ingram, who hosts “The Earl Ingram Show” on WMCS in Milwaukee.

“The questions were sent to me for approval. I accepted them,” Sanders said. Blackwell addressed questions about his record, debate performance, progress in both Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, what’s at stake in the election and what he would say to voters considering a no-vote in the presidential race.

Blackwell continued, “So, did the White House send you the questions in advance of the interview?”

“Yeah, I got a lot of questions, eight of them, the four that were selected were the ones I approved,” Sanders continued.

“It’s not uncommon for interviewees to share topics they’re passionate about. These questions were relevant to the news of the day—the president was being asked about this debate show and what he’s doing for black Americans. We didn’t. Acceptance of these questions is a condition of interviews, and hosts can ask questions they think are best for their listeners to discuss.” Then he had several opportunities to see what was unwritten,” Biden campaign spokeswoman Lauren Hitt told Fox News Digital in a statement.

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Blackwell said Biden’s team didn’t help demonstrate the president’s “commitment” by sending questions ahead of time.

“The reason I’m asking is not to criticize either of you, the White House right now is trying to demonstrate the president’s vigor, vigor, sharpness. I don’t know how they do that by sending the questions first. Before the interview, the president knows what’s coming,” Blackwell said.

This is an excerpt from an article by Hannah Panrek of Fox News

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