Jets QB Aaron Rodgers aims for playoff return after innovative surgery on torn Achilles

“There are different ideas about the overall length of rehab, and I guess what I’m trying to say is, just because nobody does it a certain way doesn’t mean it’s not possible,” Rodgers said. “Of course I have some odds against me based on age, but I love it. Stack all the odds against me and see what happens. My whole focus and dedication is to get more information and add to what I already have. Put together a good rehab program and I think that will shock some people. I think.”

While Rodgers has high hopes for quick returns, there are plenty of caveats.

A speed bridge does not guarantee a quick return, although it is said to increase the strength of the repair and protect against stretching. It all depends on how Rodgers’ rehab goes and how his body responds when he turns 40 in December. If there’s no reason to push revenue — meaning the Jets aren’t in the playoffs — this would be confusing.

The Jets, of course, will have to get there without four-time NFL MVP Rodgers. Former No. 2 overall pick Zach Wilson will start Sunday’s road game against the Cowboys.

There may be some risks involved in the practice. But for Rodgers, sources say the potential benefits of returning to the field so quickly outweigh the risks, such as the need for future surgery.

Wilson is talented, but it’s clear his confidence has dipped over the last year. This year, his confidence is high, and it’s clear he’s benefited from months of offseason work with his childhood hero Rodgers and new Jets offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett, passing game coordinator Todd Downing and a revamped coaching staff. The Jets have made it public that they trust Wilson, as head coach Robert Saleh told reporters that “we’re rolling with the sack.”

Sources say Rodgers has been Facetiming with Wilson this week to make sure he’s up to speed. The two actually connected from practice together during Wilson’s rookie season in 2021, and that continued.

“I really believe in myself,” Wilson told reporters on September 14.

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