Jennifer Garner cries at her daughter Violet’s pre-graduation centenary

Jennifer Garner is getting emotional over her daughter Violet’s upcoming high school graduation!

On Monday, May 20, the actress, 52, posted a series Photographs She cried on Instagram as she attended her 18-year-old daughter Violet’s Class of 2024 send-off.

“Don’t say you’re a graduate, say you’re a graduate. 🎓 (Bless our hearts 🥺♥️🤣),” Garner wrote in the caption about Violet.

In the first photo shared, a tearful Garner stands in a hall full of proud parents during a school function. She appeared to be wiping tears from her face the next moment as she stood outside wearing a lanyard with her name printed on it.

Garner was also seen crying while sitting on a plane, saying in one clip, “How are we going to make it? What are we going to do?” Then she raised her glasses and wiped away more tears with a tissue.

A final photo showed Family Switch She was standing in the kitchen with a pair of silver glasses with ‘2024’ written in large black numbers across the lenses.

Garner’s latest post prompted sympathetic reactions from her famous friends who have gone through the same experiences with their own children.

“I’m so with you ❤🩹,” Gwyneth Paltrow wrote in the comments section.

Jennifer Garner and her daughter Violet.

Good pictures

“Oh honey… I know. 😢 ❤️,” Reese Witherspoon added. “You did a great job mom! I’ll be here for support and lots of hugs.

Meanwhile, fashion designer Rachel Zoe wrote, “Omg Jen I stopped crying a week after Sky’s 13th, the same girl is madly in love with you and gotta stay strong 💪.”

Garner shares three children: Violet, Seraphina, 15, and Samuel, 12, with her ex-husband Ben Affleck.

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In November 2023, Garner talked about how well her senior Violet is handling attending college tours before she prepares to leave the nest.

“It’s exciting,” he said Live with Kelly & Mark. “I can see the stress – even though excitement and stress go hand in hand. But she handles it like a champ, she’s in full charge. ‘Are you doing this, are you doing this?’ I don’t have to say that.’ She’s a self-starter and I’m proud of her.

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