Israel-Hamas war live: Gaza death toll hits 20,000, global condemnation | Israel-Palestine conflict news

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is under a lot of international and domestic pressure.

On the international front, you have Americans who see Israel moving toward less aggressive fighting within the next few weeks, and that position has been reiterated by several U.S. officials.

Domestically, he has increased pressure on the families of the captives and the “Bring Them Back Now” movement, and the situation has taken on an even bigger role after three Israeli prisoners were killed inside Gaza by the Israeli army.

Egyptian security officials indicate that the Israelis are willing to offer a one-week pause in the fighting in exchange for 40 prisoners. They want all the women, the remaining children and the old men as part of that deal.

More than 100 prisoners are still being held inside Gaza.

The talks with Hamas officials in Cairo marked the first time Palestinian Islamic Jihad was represented there. They are the second largest fighting force inside Gaza, and they also hold some prisoners, so they are part of these discussions.

When it comes to whether it is accepted in Israeli society or not, there is a cautious belief, because they could see how many prisoners were released several weeks ago during that cease-fire period and they say that the Israeli government should do everything. Its power to bring back captives – even if that means some sort of prisoner exchange or relocation.

But there was no indication from the Israelis that they were willing to do that.

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