Israel at war with Hamas after unprecedented attacks: live updates

6:15 PM ET, October 10, 2023

Israeli troops are on the move amid a humanitarian crisis in Gaza. Here things stand

From CNN staff

more than 1,000 people Killed in Israel and more 900 people The dead were in Gaza, according to Israel’s military radio and the Palestinian Ministry of Health. Officials say thousands more have been injured.

The fight is coming A humanitarian crisis is quickly unfolding Trapped residents of Gaza, many without food and electricity, have had their faces cut off Fourth day of Israeli airstrikes In response to Hamas’s deadly attack on Israel.

On Tuesday, Hamas said it fired “hundreds” of rockets at the Israeli city of Ashkelon.

Here’s where things stand:

Hamas Attacks Israel: A A large volley of rockets Ashkelon was forced out of Gaza by Hamas “in retaliation for the displacement of civilians in Gaza,” according to a report in Telegram. It continued A warning Residents of the southern Israeli city have been advised to leave before 5pm local time.
Israel forces mass: Israel has been attacking the densely populated Gaza Strip with airstrikes in particular Port Gaza, Israel Defense Forces said. As of Tuesday evening local time, several underground IDF troops were engaged in a firefight with Hamas fighters near the enclave’s border town of Mefalsim, CNN reported. Tens of thousands of Israeli troops are moving there as the country prepares for a possible landing.
Defense Minister’s Warning: Yoav Gallant He said “Released All Restraints” Israel Defense Forces troops in the war against Hamas. “Beheading, murdering women, murdering survivors of the massacre – we will eliminate him at the height of our power and without compromise,” the defense minister told soldiers while inspecting the front line on Israel’s border with the Gaza Strip on Tuesday.
The only shortcut available to the fleeing Kazan was to attack: The only border crossing between the Gaza Strip and Egypt Attacked by Israeli warplanes Tuesday, said Eyad al-Bozom, spokesman for the Palestinian Ministry of Interior. Only the tightly controlled Rafah crossing is available to Gazans Looking to run away. All other crossings outside the territory are closed.
US President Joe Biden offers support to Israel: US President Condemns Hamas’ Saturday RampagePure evil“And said that Israel has the right to respond. He promised that the United States would be committed to Israel Tools for self defense. America has “Improved our military force status” Military aid is increasing in the region and to Israel, the president said. Biden spoke with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday for the third time since the conflict erupted.To discuss our support for Israel,” said the White House.
Foreigners Killed: Finally 14 Americans Biden said he was among those killed in Israel American citizens There are more Among those taken hostage By Hamas. Eight French citizens The dead have been confirmed and 20 people are missing, French Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna said. The Canadian government says it is aware of the report One Canadian was killed Three more are missing.
Here’s what we know about some of the victims: Israeli-American Roy Weiser was killed during Saturday’s attack, his mother, Naomi Pfeiffer-Weiser, told CNN. Weiser is a sergeant who served in the 13th Battalion of the Golani Brigade and was stationed at the Kerem Shalom border crossing, his mother said. According to More about victims.
Flights departing from Israel: The US State Department said it was “in discussions” with various airlines Travel in and out of Israel can be continued“So people can leave. German airline Lufthansa will operate several special flights on Thursday and Friday. Evacuate German citizens, the country’s foreign office said. The French government also has ties to Air France Arrange a special flight on Thursday According to the foreign minister, French citizens must be expelled.

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