'Indiana Jones and the Great Circle' taps Troy Baker as an indie

Harrison Ford may have retired his iconic whip and fedora for the big screen, but another actor is taking them to the small screen.

Bethesda releases a first look Indiana Jones and the Great Circle, EW can exclusively confirm that Troy Baker is bringing the wisecracking adventurer to life in the long-rumored new video game. The legendary actor behind countless memorable gaming characters is most celebrated for portraying the part of Joel. The Last of Us Right.

“He really brings that charm and sense of humor in a good way,” Jerk Gustafsson, co-founder and lead game designer at MachinesGames, tells EW of Baker. “He's a huge Indiana Jones fan, which is really cool. So he's very invested in the game as well.”

Troy Baker voiced Harrison Ford in 'Indiana Jones and the Great Circle'.

John Kopaloff/Getty Images; Bethesda/MachineGames

Based on an idea by executive producer Todd Howard, Indiana Jones and the Great Circle In the timeline of the indie films, it takes place about a year after the events Raiders of the Lost Ark and before The Last Crusade. Hence, the character's animation resembles Harrison Ford's performance. “He's separated from Marian,” Gustafson explains. “After that we know he got lost again. He's wandering.”

After falling asleep at his desk at Marshall College, the famous archaeologist awoke in the night to the sound of a crash. He is the Locus (the giver of the voice Candy Man And Marvel's Spider-Man 2 star Tony Todd), steals a seemingly insignificant artifact. With the mystery man and the relic now up in the air, Indy heads to the Vatican in search of answers, but discovers there's more to the story.

The trailer and accompanying presentation the creators streamed on Thursday teased the significance of the Great Circle from the title. “Throughout history mankind has created sites of spiritual significance,” Bakers says of Indy Scenes. “If you draw a line through these sites around the world, you get a perfectly aligned circle.”

Later in the preview, he sees a detected message, “Patron of the Fallen Angels, Guardian of the Circular Magni… Great Circle.”

As with other indie canons, Big circle It will be a global adventure. Some of the confirmed locations include the forgotten temples of Sukhothai, the pyramids of Egypt and the snow-capped Himalayas.

Marios Gavrilis played Emmerich Voss in 'Indiana Jones and the Great Circle'.


Troy Baker's Indy and Alessandra Mastronardi's Gina Lombardi in 'Indiana Jones and the Great Circle'.


Marios Gavrilis, the German actor who voiced Bruce Wayne in the recording Gotham Knights, portrays the game's main villain, Emmerich Voss, who is as focused as Indy. “He's looking for those major mysteries and things that the rest of the world doesn't know. That's a big part of what drives him,” Gustafsson says. “So when it comes to that obsession, they're very similar. I think that's the key element that makes Indiana Jones such an interesting opponent.”

The other main character is Gina Lombardi, voiced by Italian actress Alessandra Mastronardi, who starred opposite Nicolas Cage and Pedro Pascal in the film. The unbearable weight of immense talent. Gina is an investigative journalist who has a personal stake in this story. “I don't know how deep I want to go at this point,” Gustafsson quips. “I would also say she's somewhat of a protest journalist, and that was a big part of shaping this character to make sure Gina has her own goals.”

Big circle Also featured is the work of senior lighting artist Julie Haraldstottir, audio director Pete Ward, senior story designer Ed Curtis-Cives, senior animator Rebecca Elfström Hiden, and cinematographer Mitra Ashken Farr.

'Indiana Jones and the Great Circle'.


Although set primarily in first-person view, the game often shifts to third-person view during cutscenes and environment travel, giving fans money shots at Indy with his whip and hat.

The whole project is a mix of story, puzzle solving, open world exploration and discovery, and stealth. Similar to how Ford's Indy works in the movies, players can choose to sneak around targets by sneaking up on an enemy and headbutting them, eavesdropping on conversations, climbing around or deflecting attackers using your classic whip. , or cut straight to the chase and engage in a fight.

In the end, Gustafsson says he wants to Big circle Gamers feel like they are in the middle of a long-lost indie movie from the 1980s. Part of that comes from the cinematic approach to the game (stuntmen perform some of the stunts in motion-capture suits that look authentic), elements adapted from films (such as classic indie world map graphics), and new music composed by Gordy Hopp in the style of John Williams' classic score.

Another part of it is Baker himself. “He's not only a good actor, but he also contributes a lot to making the game better,” explains Gustafsson. Baker traveled to MachineGames' home base in Sweden early in the process to block for motion-capture performance. “As we go through them, there are a lot of tweaks and changes, not only in the script, but also in how we set up the scenes, how we set up the cameras,” the game director continues. “Troy is more of a part of the development team than we usually see because he's in those blocking sessions.”

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