Hamas Frees Third Group of Hostages During Fight With Israel: Live Announcements

1:50 PM ET, November 26, 2023

An Egyptian official says at least 120 aid trucks entered Gaza through the Rafah border on Sunday

From Asma Khalil in Rafah, CNN’s Kim Gelaida in Dubai, Sarah El Sirkhani and Ibrahim Tahman in Cairo and Eve Brennan in London

Young people watch humanitarian aid trucks enter Gaza on November 26.

Mohammed Abed/AFP/Getty Images

At least 120 trucks loaded with aid entered Gaza on Sunday, according to the Egyptian government.

The head of Egypt’s government press office, Thea Rashwan, said in a statement that trucks carrying fuel and cooking gas headed towards northern Gaza in coordination with the United Nations and the Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PRCS).

Rashwan said the number of relief trucks would increase in the coming hours.

An aid convoy of 100 trucks carrying food, water, relief supplies, first aid supplies and medicine was dispatched to Gaza City and the north, the PRCS said in a statement.

A freelance journalist working with CNN in Rafah, Egypt, saw aid trucks continue to enter the Rafah border from the Egyptian side on Sunday.

An Egyptian border official told CNN that dozens of trucks that entered the crossing on Saturday were being processed through an Israeli checkpoint as of Sunday afternoon local time, or were still being unloaded on the Gaza side of the border crossing.

The official added that about 129,000 liters of diesel and 80,000 liters of gas passed through the Rafah border crossing from Egypt.

Some background: Sunday’s Hamas hostage exchange for Palestinian prisoners and detainees has already been completed, Saturday’s exchange Delayed by Hamas In a dispute centered on the issue of aid to Gaza.

Hamas said Israel had not kept the terms of the agreement to provide aid to the besieged area. “less than half” Expected aid trucks entered northern Gaza.

Qatari officials said the issue was eventually resolved through Qatari mediation.

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