Frank Ocean’s Coachella set derailed by ankle injury, sources claim – Rolling Stone

The “what if” scenes that preceded Frank Ocean’s headlining performance at Coachella were years in the making. The elusive musician hasn’t given a live show in six years and is actually set to headline the festival in 2020, so to say anticipation is high would be a huge understatement. But the cancellation of his livestream of his set, which ended with a strange performance that left fans at home and in the desert confused and disappointed, wasn’t what he planned, at least not entirely — as anyone looking for someone to blame can point out. Their fingers on his ankles.

A source close to the situation reveals Rolling Stone The production of Ocean’s performance was adjusted at the last minute due to an ankle injury the singer sustained during on-site rehearsals the week before the festival.

This explains why Ocean sat down most of the time after arriving on stage in slippers an hour after his set was scheduled to start. However, a 6-song DJ set by Crystal Mess played from a remix tape of songs like “Chanel,” “Nikes,” and “Nights” in the middle of the show. , performed live while he rocked the stage.

Part of the show is also said to feature figure skaters on an ice rink. Rumors of “Frank Ocean on Ice” swirled online ahead of his set, but that too was apparently shot down. Aaron Voss, an ice hockey player from Loyola Marymount University, posted an Instagram story from backstage at the festival, featuring nine men in skating gear with the caption: “The Boys x Frank.” Two other band members posted side-stage photos of the crowd, but never performed during the set.

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But the participants actually got better performance than they realized. According to the source, Ocean’s set actually ran 15 minutes longer than originally planned, even though he told the audience it was shortened due to Coachella’s midnight curfew on Sunday. The set performed featured a total of 24 songs, including songs played by DJ Crystal Mess, which was four more than the 20 songs he had planned.

Ocean didn’t say much when he was on stage, but then again he wasn’t talking, he was about to perform. Although he didn’t actually do anything, he made it clear to the audience: “I want to talk about why I’m here, because it’s not because of a new album, it’s not because there isn’t a new album.”

Related to her late brother, Ryan Brooks, who died in a car accident in 2020. “My brother and I used to come to this festival a lot. I sometimes feel dragged by him because I don’t want to get a respiratory infection.… I come here all the time and one of my fondest memories is seeing Ray Sremmurd with my brother… and Travis. [Scott performed] In that tabernacle,” he told the crowd. “I know [Ryan] So excited to be here with all of us. I want to take this time to say thank you for the support and years and love. Now back to the songs.

Although he was the top performer of the festival, Ocean explained that the club interlude was strategic in drawing some attention away from him. “It’s confusing, but really fun.… Looking back, in 2020, when I started throwing parties in small clubs in New York, I was happy to hear new music. , DJs coming up with their shit,” he explained. “It has become part of my weekly practice with Homer Radio. It’s good that it’s not always about me, so I wanted to bring that up a little bit.

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For now, Ocean is still scheduled for two shows next Sunday, April 23, Coachella weekend. Even after seeing him run through an entire set, fans are still unsure of what to expect from the composer.

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