Dog Recreates Taylor Swift and Post Malone's New Music Video

Taylor Swift and Post Malone are furry fans!

On Saturday, April 20, a Swift fan Instagram account featuring a dog named Lucas A hobby Here's a look at Swift and Malone's music video for “Fortnite,” which was released on Friday, April 19.

The Instagram reel featured Lucas' version of “Fortnight” on the top half of the screen, interspersed with the actual video below.

Corinne Swifty mimicked a few scenes from the video where the “Down Bad” singer, 34, and Malone, 28, sat in front of typewriters typing out lyrics for the song. Lucas also dressed as Swift and the “Take What You Want” singer.

She wore a blonde wig while portraying Swift, and a black dress with similar Victorian vibes to her in the video. Close-ups of the dog's paws revealed that the Grammy winner was wearing black lace gloves, just like Swift did in the original music video, while the Grammy winner's fingers mimicked typing.

While playing Malone, Lucas wore an outfit reminiscent of the rapper's black suit jacket. Around the dog's neck was a bandana, a nod to the collared shirt Malone wore underneath his suit.

Taylor Swift performs on stage.

John Shearer/TAS23/Getty

“I am seeing @TaylorSwift In this light, I love it,” captioned the video reel, with the song ending the first half titled “Clara Will.” Department of Tortured Poets Double album.

“You look like Taylor Swift / In this light, we love it / You're on the edge, she never did / The future is bright, dazzling,” Swift croons on the song's opening.

“Fortnight” is the lead single off Department of Tortured Poets and the first of two collaborations on the album.

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“When I was writing the Fortnite music video, I wanted to show you the worlds I saw in my head that were the backdrop for creating this music,” Swift wrote in a post. Instagram After the premiere of the video.

Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift/Instagram

“Everything in it is a metaphor or a reference to one corner of the album or another,” he continued. “For me, this video became the perfect visual representation of this record and the stories I tell on it.”

Swift's Edition of the video Ethan Hawke and Josh Charles also featured.

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