Disney and Warner offer streaming services that compete with Netflix

image caption, Disney+ is best known for its family-friendly shows and movies

  • author, Joao da Silva
  • stock, Business Correspondent

Walt Disney and Warner Bros. Discovery say they will start offering Disney+, Hulu and Max streaming services to customers in the US this summer.

The new collection will be available to customers on all three streaming platforms.

The media giant said it would offer plans with and without ads, but did not disclose how much it would charge customers.

The move comes as Disney and Warner Bros face competition from rivals including Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

“This new offering … will drive incremental subscriber growth and drive strong retention,” Warner Bros. Discovery executive JP Perrett said in a statement.

Both media outlets said they would release more details about the plans in the coming weeks.

As viewers move away from traditional TV, companies like Disney and Warner Bros. are under pressure to attract more subscribers to their streaming services.

The companies believe their combined offerings complement each other.

Disney+ is best known for its family-friendly shows and movies, while Warners Max has HBO and its more adult content.

In recent years, streaming companies have joined forces to offer combinations of their services.

In February, Walt Disney’s ESPN, Fox Corp. and Warner Bros. Discovery announced a new sports platform that will launch in the fall.

In its quarterly financial results released on Tuesday, Disney+ said it gained more than six million subscribers globally between January and March, excluding India. The streaming service now has over 117 million subscribers.

The increase is significant for a service that has seen flagging growth in recent months, but is seen as critical to Disney’s future.

Disney told investors that a planned password crackdown starting in the summer would help boost subscriber numbers.

An increasingly crowded streaming market has put off some consumers who complained about having to sign up for multiple services.

Bundles can solve this problem by simplifying payment and reducing costs for users.

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