Danelo Cavalconte: Authorities deploy more officers to find Pennsylvania prison escapee as search enters 10th day


as The hunt for a convicted killer A man who escaped from a Pennsylvania prison continued his 10th day on Saturday as authorities mounted an intensive 24-hour operation that now has nearly 400 officers involved in the search.

Authorities deployed additional law enforcement personnel to conduct the search Danelo Cavalconte The number of reported sightings of him in Chester County has increased since he escaped from the county correctional facility on August 31.

“We pulled more people in last night,” Pennsylvania State Police Lt. Col. George Bivens told reporters Friday, adding that reinforcements were coming from the state police and other agencies. “We have numerous tactical teams that are conducting searches.”

Bivens, who is leading the massive search, gave a tour of the command center Friday to show CNN crews and other reporters how authorities are working.

Police showed a live map of the general perimeter where tactical teams, K-9 dogs and a helicopter were searching for signs of Cavalcante. Several mobile trailers were used outside the command center for additional space.

Typically, law enforcement employees work 12-hour shifts at the command center, sometimes longer, Bivens said.

“I want people to know that having a call taker here is not a matter of responding to a tip and sending a police car to check it out. There is an active operation to catch him,” Bivens said.

The behind-the-scenes look comes amid a series of Cavalcante sightings over the past week, with two confirmed inside the search area on Friday. A day earlier, a man spotted Cavalconte shortly before noon in Chester County’s Longwood Estate. Cavalcante has been seen at least five times this week in or around gardens within 3 miles of the prison.

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Cavalcante, 34, escaped from the Chester County Jail last week by “crab walking” between two walls, scaling a fence and crossing razor wire.

The jail tower guard on duty at the time did not notice or report the fugitive caught on surveillance video. Authorities fired him Thursday after 18 years in prison, a source familiar with the decision told CNN.

“We can confirm that the corrections officer who was on duty when Danelo Cavalconte escaped was fired yesterday afternoon,” the source said.

And although some Additional security measures Implemented before Cavalcante’s escape, officials said their improvements did not account for human error.

The inmate’s escape from the prison, about 30 miles west of Philadelphia, has distressed residents and caused fear among his victim’s family.

Cavalcante was convicted last month of first-degree murder for the 2021 killing of his ex-girlfriend. 33-year-old Deborah Brando, in Chester County. Cavalcante stabbed Brando 38 times in front of his two children, who were in his sister’s care, authorities said.

Cavalconte is also wanted in connection with a 2017 murder in his native Brazil, a US Marshals Service official said.

Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Police stand guard at the perimeter of a search zone Friday in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania.

As of Saturday, there were several credible sightings of Cavalcante, Bivens said. Also, as the manhunt continues for the 10th day, the officials are hopeful that the guards will be brought back into custody.

“My goal is to put pressure on him to control him and catch him. He’s going to make mistakes. He’s going to get more desperate. He’s got to express himself,” Bivens said.

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Here’s what we know about some of the sightings so far:

• August 31stCavalante is seen on jail surveillance video escaping from the Chester County Jail. The video showed the crab “walking” between two walls in an exercise yard — with his hands on one wall and his feet on the other — and flashing out of sight, Acting Superintendent of Jails said, Howard Holland. Cavalcante then ran across a roof, scaled another fence and went through razor wire, Holland said.

• September 1: A resident of Pocopson Township, where the jail is located, said he saw Cavalcante inside his home Friday, getting food before leaving. CNN affiliate WPVI reported.

• September 2: Cavalcande was seen Surveillance video Officials said it was about 1.5 miles from the prison.

• Monday: A security camera is recorded Fugitive at Longwood GardensOfficials said.

• Tuesday: A local resident reported seeing Cavalcante Creek bed on resident’s propertyBivens said.

Wednesday: A trail camera showed footage of Cavalconte in or around Longwood Gardens, but authorities learned of the sighting Thursday evening, according to Bivens.

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