‘Dancing with the Stars’ goes home in semifinals – Deadline

It’s the semi-finals, and boy does poor Matt Walsh feel like he crashed and burned after just one night at the ballroom a few years ago. Imagine if he had stayed and Harry Jowsi kicked the bucket early instead! Oh, we would have had a laugh from the drop Veep Star.

There’s no point in crying over spilled milk (especially since the Golden Bachelor seems to do it in every commercial). This is Xochitl Gomez’s match to lose, isn’t it? Let’s see if anyone comes close to stealing her spotlight tonight.

Actress Alyson Hannigan (How I Met Your Mother) with partner Sasha Farber. Farber gave Hannigan the ultimate accolade, calling her “the true definition of Dancing with the Stars.” She is the celebrity who doesn’t dance Really improves During the program. She’s living on borrowed time now, and of course, even the laggards have to step it up — don’t just stumble while jive to “Footloose.” “Darling, break your legs, enjoy the luxurious freedom, let your hair down! I love the Western feel of the country,” said Bruno Tonioli. “There were a couple of hiccups. It’s a semi-final. You’ve improved a lot since the first week. Score: 25 out of 30

Singer-songwriter Jason Mraz with partner Daniela Karakach. Mraz performed a Viennese waltz to his song “I Won’t Give Up,” even though it made him nauseous! The singer-songwriter got a bit giddy in rehearsal while practicing a dance that her partner dictated. Cycle, cycle, cycle. But he spun a few spells in the ballroom, then got choked up while talking to co-host Julianne Hough. “Beautiful song, beautiful waltz. Perfect, perfect, you really danced like a gentleman,” said Tonioli. “On the cycle, drive a little more.” Score: 27 out of 30

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Ariana Madix (Vanderpump rules) with partner Pasha Pashkov. The reality star flaunted her rainbow fringe while performing a tireless jive to Bruno Mars’ “Runaway Baby” at the top of the show. Apparently, her back hurts because she can’t stretch her arms like Inaba wants, but the judges go bananas with her performance anyway. “You’re not a runaway, kid,” Derek Hough said. “You run into the final with that dance. It was solid. The twists and turns… It was a little heavy in some parts, but it was a great way to start the semi-finals. Score: 28 out of 30

Ariana Maddix, Pasha Bashkov (Disney/Eric McCandless)

Charity Lawson (Bachelor’s) with partner Artem Chigvintsev. Lawson’s partner admits it’s difficult for a non-singer, non-actress like her to express emotion, which is a task while performing the rumba. But Lawson is a nearer Technically Perfect, finally showed a little passion under the glass ball. “Rumba is a deceptively difficult dance but you’ve done it effortlessly,” said Huq. “The way you exposed your legs. Very nice!” Score: 29 out of 30

Actress Xochitl Gomez (Doctor Strange in the diversity of madness) with partner Val Chmerkovskiy. The frontrunner really thought he would be out of this tournament by Week 5. as if Tonight, Tonioli was declared a “Samba Diva” for her “brother” Val du Gloria Estefan’s flawless performance of “Samba.” “That was spectacular! The content was off the charts, probably one of the hardest routines we’ve ever seen,” said Carrie Ann Inaba. “Your flexibility, bounce, so smooth … you’re a star!” Correct Score


Second dance.

Mraz and Karakach. Learning the basso double was difficult for Mraz. But his drive was through the roof; I defy all of you. My period was torn just looking at him! “It’s not always about perfection,” Inaba said after the hug. “I am looking for magic. That’s magic!” Perfect score

Gomez and Chmerkovskiy. This is what Chikvintsev was referring to when explaining to Lawson how important it is to color a dance. Gomez not only dances the waltz, but she Dramatized It is. Her artistry is a sight to behold. It brings Inaba to tears, but really, it’s not much of a development since the ol’ girl seems to cry every season. But we’re not laughing at you, Carrie Ann! “You know I’ve been thinking about how important this season is,” Hough said. “This is the first time we have received the Len Goodman Cup. I’ll tell you right now, Len would have loved that dance. That’s absolutely right.” He was right. Perfect score

Lawson and Chikvintsev. How awkward to do a quickstep after Gomez’s extraordinary waltz. But Lawson bursts into joy when it comes to Fifth Harmony’s “BO$$” and that dynamite Michelle Obama lyric. “You put more sauce and pizzazz than I’ve ever seen before,” Tonioli said. “Work because you have!” Correct score

Hannigan et al Farber. Farber made his partner proud by creating a sweet waltz, which Hugh declared his best dance. Hannigan was known for his last performance of the season. “I’m proud of you,” Inaba said. “You have the ability that we can feel so much. The way you play with such vulnerability.” Score: 26 out of 30

Matix et al Bashkov. A look at the sea foam! Maddicks continues to surprise. This reality star’s day job involves screaming about ex-boyfriend foxtrots like a real, beautiful woman. “It’s soft, it’s smooth, it’s sensual. It’s sensational!” said Hugh. “It’s a jam-packed Foxtrot.” Perfect score

What a shocking result. We all expected Hannigan to go home, didn’t we?

Not so fast.

After announcing that Hannigan was safe with Mraz and Lawson, host Alfonso Ribeiro left Matix and Gomez on the dance floor. Two below. Madix began to tear up. She thought it was a conner, until Ribeiro said everyone was safe. Aha. I mean, Conrad Green!

Five couples in the final! Good for Hannigan; She’s got dinner party conversation fodder to last her for decades. Until next week, fringe fans…

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