Christie suggests that Noam Biden’s canine commander may also suffer a cricket-like fate


South Dakota Gov. Christy Nome suggests in her new book that President Joe Biden’s dog commander should suffer the same fate as the working dog he shot and killed on his ranch.

In his book, “No Going Back,” Noam writes that making sure the commander is “nowhere” if he is president is at the top of his list of priorities from 2025 onwards. CNN.

“What will I do if I am the President on my first day in office in 2025? Thanks for asking. I have a list. The first thing I do is make sure Joe Biden’s dog is nowhere on the field (‘Commander, say hello to cricket for me’). But my dog, Foster, is certainly welcome. He always comes to the capital with me and loves everyone,” Noam writes.

Commander, the Biden family’s German Shepherd, bit Secret Service personnel inside 24 separate incidents According to CNN’s report from February, the White House and elsewhere.

There was a dog Removed from the White House Last October.

In a Sunday appearance on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” Noem said, “Joe Biden’s dog has attacked 24 Secret Service people. So before you make a decision about a dog, what to do with it, how many people are enough to be attacked and fatally injured?

“That’s the question of presidential accountability,” Nome said.

“Face the Nation” host Margaret Brennan interjected, “You mean shoot him?”

“That’s what the president is accountable for,” Nome continued without stopping to answer. “What’s the number?”

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