Air quality index red in PA, DE; Code Orange in NJ

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Smoke from Canadian wildfires Jupiter has once again placed our region under an Air Quality Alert.

The entire state of Pennsylvania was one under The air quality code is red, And Philadelphia rose to an air quality index in that range. In Delaware, the entire state’s coat was red, while New Jersey’s coat was orange.

This map shows the smoke trail around 9:30 a.m. Thursday — heavy smoke is darker orange while light blues are lighter. Thick smoke is avoiding our area.

CBS News Philadelphia

The smoke should clear as sea breezes move inland and blow southerly this evening. Friday should also be dry, but with a high humidity in the 80s.

But the further west you go, the smokier it gets. New Jersey and southern Delaware are less common than our northern and western suburbs.

Smoke from Canadian wildfires has alerted the region to air quality alerts

If you must go outside, officials recommend checking for the latest air quality reports near you.

At the 30th Street station Thursday morning, we spoke to a masked passenger.

“I have asthma and I’m short of breath today,” he said. “I have a mask so I can protect myself and feel a little better.”

This round of smog is not expected to be nearly as bad as it was in June “Terrible” air quality in Philadelphia once led to the city having some of the worst AQI ratings in the world..

On Wednesday night, smoke was visible and partially obscured the city’s skyline.

The Philadelphia skyline is obscured by smoke from wildfires in Canada, Wednesday, June 28, 2023. The region woke up to air quality warnings again on June 29.

CBS News Philadelphia

Friday air quality is excellent in PA, NJ, DE. Maps show where Canadian wildfire smoke is moving

Map of Canadian wildfire smoke on Thursday, June 29, 2023. Orange is more smoky and light blue is lighter.

CBS News Philadelphia

Heavy smoke will mostly be cleared from our area by Friday night.

CBS News Philadelphia

Some fog may linger in the morning hours, but conditions will improve by Friday afternoon.

A code red air quality warning in Pennsylvania due to wildfire smoke

Where to get a free KN95 mask in Philadelphia to deal with the smog

The city is offering free KN95 masks Thursday at four of its five resource centers — as well as at Philadelphia police and fire stations.

The Enon Resource Center is closed this week and will not be offering masks.

Philadelphia closes public pools due to poor air quality

Summer camps in the city are moving indoors today, and Philadelphia public pools are closed.

What to do in the air quality index is red

Under A The code is redThe air is considered unhealthy for the general public and residents are urged to limit their time outdoors and avoid strenuous activities.

It may be okay to go for a walk, but it is not the best day for a long trip. Reducing the amount of time you spend outdoors is recommended.

If you have a mild headache or respiratory symptoms, go inside.

CBS News Philadelphia

Sensitive groups – such as the elderly, children and those with respiratory problems – are most likely to be affected by these air alerts, and in code red areas, these groups should avoid time outdoors altogether.

Under a coat of orange, those sensitive groups can still feel the effects but not the general public.

Wearing a mask is also recommended, and if necessary, sensitive groups should take extra precautions. Operating an air conditioner or air purifier Feeling the effects of smoking can help.

Why is this happening? Where else in the country is affected by smoke from Canadian wildfires?

All of this comes as Canada is facing its worst wildfire season in nearly 30 years. Maps showing more than 250 “controlled” blazes burning across the country. Our region has suffered the most from fires burning in the provinces of Quebec and Ontario – smoke has traveled hundreds of miles into the air and descended to surface level.

Nearly 3,000 fires have burned more than 19 million acres of forest in Canada since the start of 2023.

Air quality in Pittsburgh and other areas in western and west-central Pennsylvania was “very unhealthy” Thursday morning, according to

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