FRENZY. The excitement surrounding the visit of Pope Francis might lead to a frenzy similar to what happens during the Black Nazarene procession held every Jan. 9, a week before the papal visit next year.

Not Ebola

MANILA (Nov. 16) - The Filipino peacekeeper from the Ebola-stricken West African state of Liberia who experienced chilling and high fever during the 21-day quarantine at Caballo Island in Cavite is suffering from malaria, the Department of Health (DOH) said on Saturday..Full story...

APL suspends shipments from India to Manila as congestion mounts

Singapore-based ocean carrier APL has temporarily suspended acceptance of shipments from India to Manila, as congestion at the Philippines port shows no sign of wavering. ..Full story...

Sino ba ang No. 1?  IKAW

The 23rd IKAW FREE Basketball for kids 2014-2015 unfurled on Sept. 30, 2014 and will run through January 2015 with a total of 15 teams and right after the league for open 35+ and 45+ with games twice a week at ISAAL Brock School. Full story...


Going head-to-head

When Toyota first announced it was coming out with a full-size pickup truck to go head to head with the big boys from Ford, Chevy, and Dodge, the question arose as to whether an import could truly compete as a heavyweight.

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Beauty Gonzalez: One boyfriend at a time

A month after revealing on “Kris TV” that she has broken up with her businessman-boyfriend, Beauty Gonzalez has found a new love in art curator Norman Crisologo. Full story...

Cristine Reyes confirms she’s pregnant

MANILA, Philippines – Cristine Reyes is expecting a baby. She confirmed the news herself on TV. “Sa mga Kapamilya po natin, (To all who are family) I want to share po sa inyong lahat (to all of you) that I have a wonderful blessing. I’m having a baby,” she said told the audience on ASAP, Sunday November 16. Cristine is in a relationship with Ali Khatibi, a mixed martial arts fighter. Prior to the confirmation, rumors have been circulating since September that Cristine was pregnant. But in a previous interview with Pep, Cristine’s sister Ara Mina said that people assumed her sister was pregnant because she herself was having a baby. Full story...

Jolina: Motherhood has
prepared me for mature roles

Returning Kapamilya Jolina Magdangal-Escueta shares in “Tapatan Ni Tunying” which aired November 13 that motherhood makes her a better actress as she is now able to dig deeper into more mature roles. Full story...

Filipino community pays tribute to Canada for generous typhoon Haiyan aid

December 8, 2013 – Moved by the outpouring of Canadian humanitarian assistance to Typhoon Haiyan victims, the Filipino community in Ottawa, with the assistance of the Philippine Embassy, spearheaded a charity event that paid tribute to Canadian generosity and Filipino-Canadian friendship while raising new funds to help rebuild devastated communities in central Philippines. Full story...

And the winner is…Philippines! Full story...
Issuance of Passport
Extension of Validity of Green Passports / Affidavit
Issuance of Visa
Requirements for the Retention & Re-Acquisition of
Philippine Citizenship
Notarial and other legal services
Registration of Nationals
Report of Marriage, Birth & Death
Collection of Income Tax
Balikbayan Stamp
Phil. Embassy & Consulates General in Canada
Phil. Hon. Consuls General & Consul in Canada
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FIDWAM celebrates its Silver Anniversary
Winnipeg brings home 3 trophies from NABA tourney


Reducing the carbon footprint


Aside from promoting better relations among feuding neighbors, there was another significant development at the recently concluded annual summit of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum: a pledge from two of the world’s largest consumers of fossil fuels to cooperate in confronting climate change. Full Article...

The love boat



SOME years ago, then House Speaker Jose de Venecia regaled an audience of US Pinoys at the Philippine consulate in San Francisco with a portrait of a Philippines flying high on every conceivable front. During the open forum, I candidly commented that if it wasn’t because I could see who was delivering the talk, I could have sworn he was describing another country. I showed him several newspaper headlines that contradicted many of the rosy things he had reported.Full Article...

PHL Congressman Guanlao’s visit results in deeper understanding of Canada



Over the years, I have been able to travel to the Philippines on numerous occasions. Helping people deal with immigration related issues is the primary reason for the trips but I also on every trip take the time to meet with politicians and government officials.  I have met with many,  including Presidential staff, mayors, governors, members of Congress and more, including barangay captains.Full Article..

Making God's love our mission



EVERY action we make is motivated by something. It is important to be driven by the right motivation. Many people fall by the wayside because of greed, pride, vengeance and lust. They, in turn, drag the people close to them. Some people even act with these motives in the name of religion. Love is the only motivation that will make one really successful. God’s love in us will never fail. Let’s check out in the Love Chapter in the Bible -- 1 Corinthians 13. It shows us what God’s love looks like:  Full Article...

Are you ready for Christmas?



THIS is the time of the year when we are getting ready for Christmas. Some of my neighbours have already put up their Christmas lights! After Halloween, the stores are packed with Christmas decors and shelves are filled with Christmas gift ideas..Full Article...

Phillipines: Enslaved by corruption



Our nation, the Philippines, is once again, riveted on something so ugly and yet so common - corruption. It’s almost a national habit, if you can believe it. I am, of course, referring to the 10 billion peso “pork barrel scam.” This is a sequel to an article I wrote previously on the same subject. Full Article...

Keep on top of your changing needs


YOUR priorities and needs change as you move through different stages in your adult life. Throughout these stages, your advisor can help you choose the right products and services that meet your evolving needs. Full story...

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