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The Eagles Concert

The Eagles Concert was held on February 1 at the Essence on McPhillips, Jefferson Avenue at 6 pm-9:30 pm. Dinner was served at 6 pm-7 pm. There was a frenzied atmosphere when the Eagles started playing different instruments which were mostly guitars and drums led by Raffy (Swap) Ramiro, a winner of the National Balangay Award as the Musician of the Year in 2017. He is so versatile as he plays several instruments, such as saxophone, guitar, trombone, piano, and other instruments.

The Eagles’ other members were: Bruce Moore, Paul Henderson, Paul Morrow, Robbie Sobrevilla, Bernard Florentino, Louie Rosales, and Ronald Trinidad. The Eagles soared to greater heights in the middle of the night with them playing almost non-stop several fast danceable music. The audience gave them thunderous applause, yells, and whistles. Raffy added zest to the performance by playing the instruments on top of the stage’s stairs overlooking the excited crowd of more than 300. He also engaged the audience by going around the VIP tables doing techniques with his guitar to the delight of the onlookers.

Children, who are being trained by Raffy to play different instruments, were also called to the stage and introduced. They were the following: Byce Cruz Virtucio, Jacob Cruz, Myrielle Althea, Ishana Pulad, Kenneth Salonga, Karson Liam Gloria, and Kyleen Neis.

The concert ended with Mary Mallari, also a vocalist, thanking the audience, sponsors, and volunteers for their help and drew the winning door prize ticket, an electric guitar. The crowd went home so pleased and happy to have attended an excellent concert.

Raffy’s Café is located at 1060 Ellice Avenue corner Wall St./Phone: 204-505-0898-By Gemma Dalayoan

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